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Harley Davidson History (Explained simple) – Part 2

Harley Davidson Historic XA

Have you read the first part of our article? Well, so you must be curious to know how the story goes on. That’s the second part of our Harley Davidson History post! Yes, technically it’s another post, but who cares?

Last week we left with the crisis Harley was experiencing. Due to the growing production of automobiles, that cost as a big bike, almost all of the motorbike company were wiped off. Only Harley Davidson and Indian, the biggest and most known companies, managed to survive.

Harley Davidson History (Explained simple) – Part 1

Harley Davidson Origins and story - logo

You surely know what is Harley Davidson. Its motorcycles are iconic, legendary we can say, but how many of you know why? And how Harley Davidson became what is today? Today, the Harley Davidson brand is known for its quality, reliability and the emotions only a Harley can give. But how was at the beginning?