How to choose the best motorcycle helmet for you

How to choose the best motorcycle helmet

Here we are, new week, new post. A few posts ago, we gave you some advice on how to best prepare for traveling. Well, one important objective is definitely to travel comfortably (and also safely). And this cannot be done with a helmet that is not approved or that simply is not suitable for you. That’s why this week we want to give you some advice on how to choose the best motorcycle helmet.

Whether we like it or not, for our safety the helmet is essential, as well as mandatory by law in most of the countries. That’s why it’s better to choose the one that best suits our needs, making it the best travel companion rather than our bitter enemy.

In this little guide today we want to give you advice to carefully choose your helmet before it can ruin your trips. And trust us, an uncomfortable and improper helmet can really ruin your trip.

The things to keep in mind when choosing the helmet are:

  •  The model
  •  The material
  •  The size
  •  The colors (style is important, isn’t it? eheh)
  •  The padding
  •  The closure
  •  The vents
  •  The approval

The model

Basically, there are 3 helmet models to choose from:

  • Full-face
  • Modular
  • Jet models.

Undoubtedly the best choice in terms of safety is the full-face helmet. The fixed chin guard provides greater protection from blows to the face, jaw, and nose. Some may consider it less comfortable than a jet helmet, but a good full-face helmet will hardly tire or bother you.

On the other hand, if you do not make many long trips, you mainly go around the city and what you are looking for is comfort, then the best choice is a jet helmet. The absence of the chin guard makes them less secure than the full-face ones. But this does not prohibit using them also for touring. As a matter of fact, they could also have some nice features that are generally only on Full-face and modular helmets like a long visor, sun visor, and Bluetooth intercom.

For those looking for a compromise between comfort and safety, there are modular helmets, with an openable chin guard. The helmets with the double P/J approval are especially recommended because of the possibility of using them open even on the move. If you often use the bike for touring then a modular is the best choice. During trips out of town, it often happens to stop for a few minutes, stretch and have a talk with the possible travel companion. Having the possibility to open the chin guard without removing the helmet, immediately gives you a pleasant sensation of freshness. Moreover allows you to communicate easily with your mates, and quickly leave for the next destination.

modular helmet
Modular helmet

The material

Helmet caps can be made mainly of two materials: thermoplastic or fiber. Those in thermoplastic are cheaper and certainly less performing than those in fiber. This does not exclude that there are very valid thermoplastic helmets on the market. it’s just a matter of budget (also because the price difference can be very big).

The size

There are some ways to measure your head circumference and know your size accordingly. But since our skullcap is not regular, the measurements are not always very reliable. The best choice is to personally try on the helmet and wear it for a while to understand if it is suitable for you. Once worn, it should not tighten too much nor too little. Try moving the helmet up and down, and also sideways to see if it fits too wide or presses you. You must also take into account the space for the glasses if you wear them. Furthermore, if the budget allows it, it is better to favor helmets that have different shell sizes. In this way, you are sure that the sizes do not vary only by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the internal padding.

The colors

With the colors, you can certainly indulge yourself and choose the one you like the most. From monochrome to the strangest graphics. The only suggestion we give you is that choosing a bright color will increase your visibility in traffic. This will improve your safety but probably the most classic people or those who want to combine it with the bike will not like it. Anyway, just go for the aesthetic that you prefer!

The padding

Helmet padding
Helmet with emergency removable padding

It is important to buy a helmet whose padding is removable, washable, and possibly hypoallergenic. It would be a good idea to wash it regularly after about one/two months of use, especially in the summer. Wash them in the sink with cold water and mild detergent. The removable padding is also useful if in case of an emergency. The EQRS (Emergency quick release system) is indicated with two strips of red fabric on the lower part of the cheek pads. And allows rescuers to avoid further spinal injuries. 

The closure

In addition to the design, which is still subjective, check the locking system. Better with a double ring (it allows a very precise adjustment) even if it is a little more uncomfortable than the one with a micrometric strap, more practical. Also, check that the strap is padded with hypoallergenic material: it is important for comfort.

Double ring vs quick release helmet closure
Double ring vs micrometric strap helmet closure

The vents

Take some time to evaluate ventilation. A good system of air intakes and extractors can be of great benefit both in summer when there is the need to expel excess heat, and in winter, to help avoid fogging of the visor. Speaking about fogging, favor helmets with visors designed to install the Pinlock. This is a transparent plastic membrane that does not allow the visor to fog up.

The approval

All this is obviously valid only if you buy a regularly approved helmet. Beware of products with strangely low prices. Since your life is at stake, invest the right amount of money on your helmet, and more generally on safety, buying appropriate clothing and protection.


We hope that this article has helped to choose the best motorcycle helmet for you! Let us know if we have been useful and if you have any proposals, write it in the comments or contact us on the site or social media. And remember: style is important, but life is more.

Now you have no more excuses to ride without a helmet. Don’t be an idiot! it’s about your life.

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