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Harley LiveWire: an electric luxury concentrate

The Harley Davidson LiveWire is the first electric motorcycle produced by Harley. Despite its conservative nature and its traditional audience, Harley has invested heavily in the development of this bike. Harley wanted to create a motorbike that would stand out but not completely move away from the brand imprint. Create something new, but unique, just in the style of Harley Davidson and that looked to the future with electrification.

The new BMW R18, merger of tradition and innovation

BMW R18 copertina

Finally BMW comes back in that V-twin category which made our grandfathers dream with the R5. A great style return in the sign of tradition and innovation, that challenges the “big” of the category like Harley. After more than a year of waiting and various concepts through the last years, here is finally the official version. But let’s see it in details: